Melodrama – In Colour

This is an idea I have had for a while. My initial plan was to write explanations for each choice, but I decided against it. However, in the near future, I might make a follow-up post where I delve into explaining each choice I have made.

In the meantime, here is “Melodrama – In Colour”

  1. Green Light

2. Sober

3. Homemade Dynamite

4. The Louvre

5. Liability

6a. Hard Feelings

6b. Loveless

7. Sober II

8. Writer in the Dark

9. Supercut

10. Liability (Reprise)

11. Perfect Places

I’m sure that if I revisit this a few weeks/months/years later, I’ll disagree with everything. But right now, this is it.

image: (please don’t sue me @whoever owns the image)

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