I won’t deny it but I was born with a lot of artistic sense. I may not be able to convey this physically through dance or paintings, but my brain understands, processes and appreciates these things pretty thoroughly. And so I’m always on the look out for new and interesting art forms that I could learn or learn up about.

One that came very naturally to me was photography. I have an eye for framing, hands for fidgeting and a mind for picturing. It’s something that came with ease, and I really enjoyed it as well. It became a rare thing that my family and I bonded over. So it means a lot to me.

So usually when I now travel, I always have my camera on me and I’m always clicking away. Although some times I get left behind in the group, but that’s fine. “You gotta do it for the art” or camera or vine or however you want to end the sentence.

My point is that photography is an avenue that I really want to focus on more and dedicate myself to more. But, of course, IBDP third sem ain’t going to allow that at all. But regardless, I have pictures that I’ve taken in the past, and I will continue to take pictures as often as I can in the future. But in this moment, I’m going to share what I have with you.

A few years ago I started a 500px account where I uploaded my pictures. I recently rediscovered my page and began to upload again. I’ve been irregular and in frequent. But my pictures have exceeded my expectations in terms of how well they’ve done. I mean, I was expecting legit no one to like or notice them. But just this platform just seems like such a great place. I see so many amazing photographs every day and get reminded how beautiful art and the world are.

Wow I’m getting a bit uhhh.

My main point is that I want to get regular with this. And I will.

This is my promise to myself.

You – my three friends from school and random internet strangers are witness to me trying once more to stick to something I like and I’m good at ’cause trust me when I say tenacity is not my strength. I get bored easily man. I’m going off topic.

Basically: get my shit together.

Okay no, ignore the above – I’m too sleepy for this. Instead: check this out: 

also this is the part where I realise I’ve fucked up but eh till you don’t realise i don’t care haha i need to sleep

love and kindness and sass and sleep,


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