The Playlist of My Life – July 2018

For an activity in class, we had to pick songs that we identified with and that meant a lot to us. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t pick one song, but rather I had a list. A list that could tell you everything that’s in my heart and in my mind right now in July 2018.

Also, I’m aware that this is a series that Vogue does, but I don’t think I’ll end up being cool enough to be featured on Vogue’s Youtube page. Maybe I will be one day, maybe I won’t. But I won’t wait around for the opportunity to share with the world this playlist.

Here goes:

  1. Alone by Halsey
  2. Homemade Dynamite by Lorde
  3. Both of US – BOB feat. Taylor Swift
  4. Ace of Hearts – Zella Day
  5. Million Dollar Houses (The Painter) by Pierce the Veil
  6. I Walk The Line – Halsey
  7. I wanna be yours – Arctic Monkeys
  8. Expensive Mistakes (Wilson) – Fall Out Boy
  9. Starring Role – Marina and the Diamonds
  10. Idontwannabeyouanymore – Billie Eilish
  11. Writer in the Dark – Lorde
  12. Devil in Me – Halsey
  13. Rose Coloured Boy – Paramore
  14. Magnets – Disclosure feat. Lorde
  15. Heaven In Hiding – Halsey
  16. Fall In Line – Christina Aguilera feat. Demi Lovato
  17. So What – P!nk
  18. History Maker – Dean Fujioka
  19. Howl’s Moving Castle: Merry Go Round of Life – Joe Hisaishi

This is incredibly long. Longer than I anticipated.

I would try to make a Spotify playlist or something but technically in India, Spotify isn’t a thing. So if you in a country that has Spotify makes this playlist, share it with me, I’ll figure something out.

But yeah, welcome to the life, heart and mind of – ughhh can’t say my name yet – ME. Yeah. Please be gentle.

Maybe I’ll make this a series, maybe I won’t. I don’t know.

Also, I’ve repeated a lot of artists, but I can’t help it. I love them and their music so so much.

But here you are: a collection of songs that represent the sum total of what’s me in this moment. Although, ideally I would have liked to go in full detail for each song, in this moment I have so much to do, I don’t have enough time. Maybe, perhaps, in the future though, I could edit this post with a little bit about each song and why it’s here.

But until that day, you have this playlist to love and savour and hate.

Love and kindness,


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