Swimming Pools

On a breezy evening in late November 2017, Swimming Pools was born. A refrain stuck in my brain, that had haunted me throughout the day. And during a boat ride back home, the idea was immortalised.

Swimming Pool is an original piece of music written by me. It was meant to be for a solo vocalist with a piano accompaniment, and (weird-ass) lyrics. But after listening to the melody on the piano, I lost my mind. Instead of singing it, and leaving the idea in the air, I decided it would be a piece for solo piano, making it more tangible – something I could see in front of me, and control with my two hands.

As I worked on the idea further, I discovered so much more that I could do with it. Soon, it had an idea for an entire ensemble, with harps and a bass and so many more instruments.

But when I worked on this piece, I always heard the raw, original piece – which is, after all, what I really fell in love with. And I felt that before you hear the fancy-ass versions that I’ll produce in due course of time, you should hear where it came from, its seeds and roots.

This is what I want to share with you today. An original piece of music, fuelled by alienation and inspired by nature. This audio clip has been recorded at once, and hasn’t been edited even one note. No quantising, no nothing. In it’s truest, purest form.

I know it lacks dynamics. The melody wasn’t written for piano.  It’s being played by a very frustrated me, after a long, tiring day. But it’s from my heart, and my soul. And to me, that’s what matters most.

You can listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/user-589702425/swimming-pools

Bear in mind, by listening to this, you’re holding my very fragile heart in your hands.

– love always


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