A Theory: R/Evolution

A Theory: R/Evolution

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about evolution and revolution. As actions, ideas, motivations and concepts. As well as their impact on history, society and just the world that we live in.

And so somehow, while I pondered over these two, uh, things, I came up with a theory about them. A theory about the relationship they share with each other, as well as us and our world.

So in this theory, we have a staircase. We don’t really know where this staircase is taking us, but it’s safe to say that it’s taking us to what we’ll become as a society. You can presume that it’s taking us to a utopia or a dystopia. Or even believe that this staircase is infinitely long, this is personally what I like to believe since a utopian society can never really exist.

And on this staircase, we’re tiny ants trying to get to the top. We’re tiny ants because we’re actually very small in this world. We’re a lot smaller than we think we are. And the world is bigger, and crazier, and a lot more fucked up than we think it is.

And so, you know how a staircase has two main parts or sides, which can’t exist without the other? Well evolution and revolution are just like that.

The horizontal bit is evolution, and the vertical bit is revolution.

We need both to go up.

We need to give both importance.

Because you can’t go up without the other.

And lately someone had told me that evolution is what we should strive for, while we should stay away from revolution. Which makes absolutely no sense.

To go higher, revolution must take place. To reform our world into a new society, a new environment. And we then have to evolve in this environment, in this horizontal stretch, until we’ve had enough and it’s time for change. And the cycle continues.

Evolve and revolve.

Yeah, that’s it.

And keep in mind that I’ve never actually studied sociology or philosophy. This just came from my brain. My brain is low-key insane. I love it. But yeah, go easy on me.

And do write back what you think. Agree or disagree. I really want to know.

Also forgive how terribly this is written, I’ll probably think over this more with time and refine my thoughts and re-write this one day. It’ll be interesting to see how I think changes.

Okay I’m done now.

love and life,


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