With my Oversensitive Heart

I’ve often heart that I have an oversensitive heart, that I’m too soft, too weak. And that it’s a flaw, because the world out there is cruel and I will get hurt.

and that’s fine. of course I’ll get hurt. of course I’ll feel bad. of course I’ll feel pain. and maybe to amplified degrees because of my soft heart.

but the truth is: I don’t mind. I don’t mind having a soft, sensitive heart. even if some may find it oversensitive. it’s who I am. maybe it’s a flaw. maybe it isn’t. but it allows me to feel

and what’s better in this world than the ability to feel

and yes times will get difficult and challenging, but just because I’ll cry every other day doesn’t mean I’m weak, or that I won’t get back, and struggle and work. if you think my softness will affect me from going out there and living, you’re so wrong.

yes my heart is dominant, and I give it a lot more importance. doesn’t mean I’m not resilient, that I won’t go out there and fix things. you thin I’ll let my life stay stagnant if I’m in a bad place?

I’m the strongest, bravest, kindest, most beautiful person I’ve ever met, and if I’m very sensitive, so what?

What’s so bad with it?

I’ll cry, get upset. but I’ll also laugh, and be so happy. and besides, maybe the world could do with a few more hearts that feel, dream and heal. maybe the world would be a better place.

the point is that my oversensitive heart makes me stronger, wiser and gives me a more meaningful life. and if I lose that, what else will I life for?

besides, having a hard heart is overrated anyway right? being cold helps no one.

there’s no fear or anything wrong in being different, in not fitting in, in not conforming. only cowards conform and try to fit in. if you were meant to be and do the same thing as the person next to you, why would you exist? you’re uniqueness makes you special.

and for some of us, it’s our heart. you can’t change someone’s heart. it’s who they are. it’s who I am.

and being oversensitive doesn’t make you weak, it doesn’t make me weak. it makes me me. as long as I’m resilient and strong and brave, what’s so wrong with an oversensitive heart?

_ _ _

love and kindness always,


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