La Casa de Papel

La Casa de Papel is a Netflix original from Spain.

And it is beautiful.

La Casa de Papel is about an incredibly complicated heist that takes place at the National Mint of Spain (or something). And it’s just so so so good.

I just finished the show, after procrastinating watching the last episode for a few days. But i finished about 85% of the show within the first three days, and then slowed down as the plot and tension intensified.

The show has it all. An intense and gripping plot. Dynamic and interesting characters. Amazing music. And just brilliant acting, production and direction. Just brilliant.

Like I just have no words.  Go watch the show. It’s great.

The heist in this show isn’t a day long heist like we see in most books and movies. It’s a actually meant to be over a week long with a hostage crisis and an unrelenting police force. It has flashbacks and references, and some really really interesting sub-plots. And with the police, it becomes like a larger than life-ish chess game where everyone’s waiting for the next move. Everything is so strategically and beautifully done.

The acting is really really good. And the actors are just adorable. I also love that the show choses to characterise each person and show how that effects the bigger picture of the plot, rather than it just being there for temporary entertainment.

Although, I do have to complain about the end. That was a hell of an end. And the worst part is that I can’t find any news about the next season. Because I need another season. I need it. Need.

Edit: I just saw the trailer for the next season. My heart is fragile.

Also, I am eternally grateful to the show for 2 things:

  1. Introducing me to European TV and Cinema. I do watch a little bit of french cinema, but only because of school. But because of this show, Netflix is recommending a few other European shows (not British). And it’s really great. There’s aren’t any major differences between American and European cinema and TV, but it’s always good to watch or read or listen to any piece of art from somewhere you’re not used to.

2. The song Bella Ciao. It’s beautiful. It’s just what my rebel soul needed for today.

In conclusion: watch the fucking show.

Unfortunately that’s all my brain can function for now. School is exhausting.

– ligte



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