My Pottermore Quiz Results

The channel DanAndPhilGames made a couple of videos where they took the quizzes on Pottermore. And I, like the loser I am, took them as well.

So as of today, here are all my results and my thoughts about them.

  1. Hogwarts House: Slytherin

No surprise there really. I’ve always been a slytherin by heart. And the past few times I’ve done the quizzes, I’ve usually gotten Slytherin.   S l y t h e r i n  P r i d e 💚​    But if I have to be honest, I also have a bit of hufflepuff in myself. Which most people find weird since they’re kind off on the opposite ends of the spectrum of houses on the basis of personality. But I know for a fact I fit into both, so there go your house norms, expectations and stereotypes.

2. Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie

It’s obviously a bit harder to have concrete thoughts about Ilvermorny houses because we’re not really that attached to them. Or maybe that’s just me. But we just don’t have a lot of information. And just reading a few lines on Pottermore isn’t obviously enough because with houses, you really want to see the people and their aesthetic or vibe or whatever and what they’re really like and the relations and dynamics that they have with themselves and others. But their description says ‘healers’ and I like that. And also ‘represent heart’ which is also great since I’m all heart.

And ironically, I’ve written/said more about my ilivermorny house than my hogwarts house.

3. My Patronus: Nebelung Cat

Again, not much I know, hence not much to say. But from what I’ve read online – they’re pretty cool and rare. So I’m not complaining really.

4. My wand: Alder wood with a Unicorn hair core 11″ and Slightly Springy flexibility

And again, little I can say. But you know what they say – the wand choses the wizard/witch/magic person with other genders. I read that alder wood prefers helpful, considerate and likable people, leaning towards my inner hufflepuff/pukwudgie. And unicorn hair which represents loyalty – which i kind of like. It’s not all that bad.

So that’s more or less it. When I have the time, I do plan on spending a bit more time on Pottermore, some parts of the site genuinely interesting. A lot better than the previous version of the site. The good thing about the new Pottermore is that you can do a lot more than quizzes, make potions and duel. Reading and learning randoms things about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is afterall what I more or less live for.

– litge

*** ALSO comment below your results!

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