When i think of 2017, words don’t come so easily. But at the same time, my mind is flooded with thoughts and feelings and memories that made this year what it is.


20 fucking 17.

As a year in my life, you were undoubtedly the most diverse and eventful and frustrating and heartwarming.

If you look to map my growth in life and as a person – 2017 would be the spark. The spark that lit the fire of my heart.

So so much has happened. Good and bad. Happy and sad. It’s been so bizarre I maybe am at a loss of words, just spouting poetic phrases to fill the lines.

But maybe that’s what 2017 was : bizarre and poetic, in the best and worst ways.

A filler year. A transitional year. A break through year. From a child to a young adult. Reaching the crucial age of 16.


What a mess you were.

What joy and love you brought into my life.

What tears and pain you brought along, as well.

But most importantly: what growth you brought.

2017 holds a special place in my heart.

And may 2018 do the same.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year, with all the love and kindness the world has to offer.


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