The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

I started ‘The Foxhole Court’ a few months ago, but left the book halfway through the third chapter. During the holidays, I decided to restart the book. And I couldn’t be more glad about my decision.

I’d heard about series ‘All For The Game’ because it was all over Tumblr. Like it was legit everywhere. Especially, if you were also into The Raven Cycle or the Six of Crows duology. It would be every 6th post on your feed.

And now. That I’ve finished the first book, I can see what the book is about. I enjoyed the book thoroughly. I finished the book within a span of three days. On of the days – I’d sat with the book for 5 hours straight. And I don’t regret a second of it.

The series is about a sport, a team and the politics that revolve around it. But this book is so much more than just those three main overarching ideas, it includes a lot of other things that I don’t want to spoil for you.

What really made this book so captivating for me were two things – the plot and the characters. Of course unarguably, these two things drive every book, but here, they were just so uhhhhh.

Something I love in books is a wide range and variety of characters and the dynamics that they have with each other. And Nora Sakavic, you legend. These characters are so complex and complicated, and the relationships they share are even more complex and complicated. It’s almost beautiful. And this is a point of similarity if you’re into books like The Raven Cycle and the Six of Crows duology. In these two series as well, you’ll see complex relationships and dynamics.

And the plot don’t get me started. The plot is pretty intense, with all its details and characters, so you may get a little lost in all the backstories and history. But don’t worry, if I could catch up, so can you. The good thing about the plot is that it reveals nuances and smaller, but game changes details at a good pace, not all too soon or slowly. They’ve all been placed very strategically. The other really interesting thing about the plot is that it doesn’t really follow any conventional structures of plots. Every moment has action rising and falling. And every scene is climactic in it’s own way. It makes you desperate for the next book once you’re done.

The writing is great. It isn’t as pretty as The Raven Cycle, but it’s pretty cool in its own way. It worked for me.

The experience was overall also really interesting for me as this was the first book I’ve read centred around a sport. (I’m excluding ‘Quidditch Through the Ages here). I’ve seen a lot of movies and anime(s?) about sports. But never have read a book. So it was a really interesting experience in that sense as well. Although I have to admit, I still don’t understand exy as a sport much. But I’m sure with the following books, I’ll be fine.

I don’t really have a lot else to say as of now. Other than go read it, it’s worth it. And if it isn’t working out for you, give it time. The book is just ❤



Know your capacity for alcohol and substances, please don’t go over your limit. And keep drinking water and eating. It’ll help.

okay I’m done

Love always,

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