‘Warcross’ by Marie Lu

Firstly, I’m trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible, so if I occasionally slip, let it slide please.

Secondly, similarly to my last post about a book, this will be a very un-objective post. I literally just finished the book and I am raw. These wounds are very, very fresh. And they don’t seem to have plans of healing.

Anyway, I will now commence.

‘Warcross’ by Marie Lu.

When it comes to Marie Lu, I’ve always been quite confused: because on one hand, you have the Legend trilogy which I absolutely adored, and on the other you have the Young Elites trilogy, which I DNF-ed because I just couldn’t continue. But I decided to give Marie Lu another chance, because hey, everyone deserves second chances. And boy, did she deserve this chance.

Warcross by Marie Lu was a book I finished in a day, in two sittings. Literally seconds ago.

I have to admit: I haven’t read a lot of books about gaming and virtual reality and everything else under this umbrella, but despite my lack of knowledge, I’m confident this book is one of the best in this genre. It is pretty fucking good.

As usual, I’m not summarising, I’ve linked the goodreads page.

The plot, initially, didn’t strike me as anything too different or unique. But with the course of the book, especially towards the end, changed. Somethings were quite obvious, while others were not. But towards the latter half, I was low-key losing my mind. There were points when I felt actual butterflies in my stomach. Yes. The latter bits did have a few plot twists and turns, facts you weren’t exepcting. Although, I did guess one thing correctly, but that we’ll discuss privately. In conclusion, I have no major issue with the plot, just one thing: the fucking end.

I hope with all my heart that there is a sequel for this book because you do not end books like that. Stephanie Garber did something similar with Caraval, but at least she’s releasing ‘Legendary’ soon. This book had a hell of an end. It wasn’t super eventful or anything, but just as a part of the plot really screwed with your brain because we’re left wondering what Emika is going to do. While it’s heavily suggested, we can never know for sure.

And similarly, I have a lot of questions, but I’ll wait. 

Moving on,

The characters. There was definitely more focus on the main characters here and the plot, which I understand, this was a more plot-driven book. But speaking in reference to Legend, I’ve never had a problem with Marie Lu’s characters.

I liked Emika. She seemed like a cool girl. Head and heart more-or-less in the right place. Hideo Tanaka: what can I say. Contact me when you’re done with the book. These two were kind of the main characters. Other characters weren’t built on as much. The other contestants all seemed alright. I did like those from the team, they seemed like fun.

The writing did not disappoint.The pace was alright too. I really don’t have complains with the technical things. Although, I have to bring up the structure because the end is fucking missing. Like Marie Lu why are you doing this to my fragile heart?

I liked the setting. New York and Tokyo. Undoubtably two of the coolest cities in the world.

One reason why I often enjoy books and movies from this genre is because they’re a great representation of either what we are as a society now, or where we’re headed. And it really makes you reflect on the world of screens around us. And the contact lenses can be a legitimate metaphor for the technology we’re creating. (this last bit will make more sense at the end of the book). As well as the concepts about privacy and the loss of real things. The importance we give to numbers that don’t really exist. These are things we should discuss more. And it’s a great thing that the book brings up these ideas and concepts.

It’s a good book. I recommend it, but I’m warning, the end is not what you’d normally expect. But it’s still good. 

So yeah, that’s what i’ve got for now.

So much for conclusions and outros.

If you’ve read the book, comment below your thoughts sans hesitation. A difference of opinion (or even similarity for that matter) is always great.

– love always litge


    1. Hii! I think “fantastic” is pushing it a bit, but thank you nevertheless❤️ Do contact/message/comment once you’re done, I’d love to know your thoughts!

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