My Make-Up Routine


Okay so, I’m not really into make up much, but I thought this would be interesting to do. Because I really would like this blog to kind of be about everything, more specifically everything about me. (in the least self absorbed way ofc)

And please bear in mind, I’m not a make-up/beauty guru or genius or whatever. And I’m not recommending or endorsing or being paid by any of these brands. I’m making the post for the pure sake of making a blog post.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone has different skin and make-up affects each person differently.  Please bear in mind, if something works for me, it may not necessarily work for you. If you try some of the mentioned products and experience any side-effects or allergies or whatever, see a doctor or sue the brand or something. I will likely not take responsibility.

Also, for your knowledge, I am an Indian brown girl, and most of the products I use come under the constraints of not being white and having more access to certain brands than others.

One more also, as my knowledge of make-up is pretty limited, I may not use the right terminology, so please excuse me.

Enough technical shit, let the content commence (wtf?)

Usually before I apply anything, I apply some sunscreen or some moisturiser.

  1. Maybelline Dream Satin Skin (Liquid Foundation).

So this is what I use as my base. I apply it using my fingers and blend it all across my face and neck.

2. Revlon Natural Matte Touch and Glow Moisturising Powder (Powder/Compact)

I use this on top of my foundation to even out the foundation, prevent it from looking too creamy, and drying out and smoothening my skin.

3. Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal (Kajal)

This is the kajal I use. I apply it on my lower lid, and sometimes also use it like an eyeliner. Not very long-lasting though.


4.  Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express (Mascara)

This is the mascara I use. It’s weird(ish). But I like it.

5. ColorBar Cheekillusion Blush (Blush)

Blush. It’s a bit concentrated. And I have a terrible habit of applying way more than I need. But it’s fine. It’s a really nice product. Stands out and blends really well. Pretty longlasting.

6.  Highlighter Powder by H&M

The story of how I procured this product is kind of funny, but also not. But regardless, it’s a nice product. It’s also very concentrated.

7. Baby Lips by Maybelline.

I have a habit of buying too many.


So far, everything I’ve covered is general and applies to every time I use makeup. But with each time I also, use additional products, and here are some of them.

8. Colorbar All-Day Waterprood Eyeshadow Stick

I use this eyeshadow often. I have the gold one and it’s pretty cool.

9. I have a lipsticks and things but I’m not getting into those.

Just presume something lipstick-y is written here.


Hi (again)

So let me know what your pensées are.

Do you and I have any products in common?

Are there any products that you really like?

Like, comment, share.

Love always,


ps. i don’t own anything from the featured image, it’s just something I found online.

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