Playlist: The Rain

I love the rain. A lot.

And so here’s a playlist that I’ve made that is compiled of music that I think fit perfectly with the rain.

Also, bear in mind, these are songs that work well on a rainy day for me, and may not necessarily feel like the blanket their meant to be for you.

Here goes:

  1. I have friends in Holy Spaces
  2. The Louvre – Lorde
  3. 1965 – Zella Day
  4. Sorry – Halsey
  5. Writer in the Dark – Lorde
  6. Cancer – My Chemical Romance
  7. Liability – Lorde
  8. Trouble – Halsey
  9. Summertime – My Chemical Romance

Also, you’re going to often find music from the same artists in playlists over and over. It’s primarily because I have a really hard time getting attached to artist or albums, but when I do – it’s almost like an obsession.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

next time,

[let’s pretend there’s something really cool here]

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