‘Melodrama’ by Lorde

‘Melodrama’ is the second studio album by the New Zealand artist Lorde, with the help (song-writing and production) of the musician Jack Antonoff.

You know how there are some pieces of art that trap your heart and mind for a long time? You have a thousand unread books but you’ll still read the same book over and over. The same tv show over and over. This was Melodrama for me. Since the first single, Green Light, in March to now, September, I’m still listening to this album. And at no point have I gotten bored.

‘Melodrama’ was written and produced after Lorde split up with her boyfriend at the time, and the album captures her journey as she discovers herself, her life and grows. This worked perfectly for me, as I too, at the time, was going through a transitionary phase of my life where I was dealing with change and several internal problems, and growing out of them. Someone on Tumblr described Lorde’s album as about ‘the summer of healing’ which was a phrase I thought to be perfect.

Melodrama has 11 tracks, including the famous ‘Green Light‘ and ‘Perfect Places’. And I love all of them. The lyrics all feature recurring themes of love (for another and one’s sellf) and growth. A few songs also explore experiences of harmless/full nights of dancing and drinking, while also connecting them to the themes mentioned before. Lyrically, my favourite songs on this album are ‘Writer in the Dark, ‘Liability’ and ‘The Louvre’ They’re also my overall favourites.

Musically, this album is very different from Lorde’s first album. On ‘Pure Heroine’, you would have observed minimalism in terms of production, and the frequent use of electronically created sounds. Melodrama, however, has it’s roots with acoustic instruments, primarily the piano. The piano can be heard in every song on the album, and without the piano tracks embedded, the songs would probably not sound as beautiful as do. (I’m a pianist, so naturally, this is my view.) Melodrama uses brass and string quartets as well. And because, this is after all a Lorde album, the bass is un-ignorable (in a good way ofc). My favourites on this album musically are ‘Writer in the Dark’ , ‘SuperCut’ and ‘Sober’.

To summarise, listen to the fucking album, because you’re missing out otherwise. Because it’s beautiful and deserves all the love it gets. And once you’re through with the album, listen to the Electric Lady versions of the as well.

Also, I’ve added links for some of the songs.

Until the next time I don’t have a test the next day,

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